We begin with highest quality fresh frozen whole plant cannabis. This Extraction method is ablend of THC-a crystalline, combined with liquid terpenes. All terpenes are natural cannabis
derived during a slow cure, to preserve the most flavor possible.
This is our most innovative method. Early in 2015, Frosty pioneered a technique based off high terpene extraction. After many trials and errors, we were ready to share our findings with the
consumers. The consistency and flavor lead to a prolific change in the concentrate market across the United States, making it the most sought after hydrocarbon extract style in the industry. This is our interpretation of “LIVE RESIN”.

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“Ice water Hash”

Using lab quality ice and water we separate the THC heads into one of the purest forms of extracts on the market. A very small amount of fully meltable heads are pulled from the ice water, then dried into a beach sand like powder for smoking. Also Known as “solventless hash oil” This is the original form of fresh frozen whole plant extract. It is a specific technique to separate THC trichomes to isolate the resin in cannabis. Using micro screens, ice and water, one can effectively strain out resin glands that precipitate in water. Feeling Frosty wanted to reach the best and most original forms of extraction. During the process we learned many new things about the THC heads and the way they act in different grow styles. Sourcing the cleanest starting material allows for the most unadulterated styles of dabbing

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"High Terpene Cartridges"

The high terpene content of the live resin extraction is placed into a cartridge, that delivers a powerful punch of flavor. This is discrete and convenient for any occasion. A lower THC-a percentage allows a juice like consistency to be be ingested with less of out the psychoactive
effects from the crystalline. The pinnacle of cannabis is terpenes. Terpenes are so volatile that they try to evaporate in any
setting. Some of the most exoctic blends of terpenes are found in cannabis, with some refinement technique in preservation we are able to share them with you.

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"Hash Rosin"

Heat and pressure are used on solventless trichome heads to refine them into a shatter or badder-like consistency. Different methods of filtration are used to deliver the consumer a flavorful clean way to ingest the trichome head, without any residue left over. The result is a concentrate when heat and pressure is applied to the cannabis plant resins, which is called “rosin”. Rosin is desirable because its concentration doesn't require the use of solvents. Ice water hash can be pressed into rosin by applying the right temperatures to the
right filtration.

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Feeling Frosty believes that fresh frozen whole plant is the purest way of extraction available.
We strive to work with the top cultivators of California’s cannabis industry.

In partnership, we are able to produce some of the cleanest and flavorful cannabis oil extractions on the market. As a company, Frosty aims to push the top tier level of terpene alchemy, in order to create the best resins available. We specialize in hydrocarbon extraction as well as ice water extraction. Both methods have proven to aid in high medicinal benefits such as nausea, anxiety, chronic pain treatment, and are also used for fun and recreational purposes.


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